Essential Thyroid Membership

Welcome to the Essential Thyroid Membership enrollment page, created by Jill and Lisa, authors of the #1 best selling Essential Thyroid Cookbook.

By joining, you’ll have access to a private community that’s all about supporting you in your journey of managing Hashimoto’s—and helping you continue to thrive if your condition is already managed.

You can find frequently asked questions at the bottom of this page.

With the membership, you’ll receive:

  • Closed Facebook group with support from Jill, Lisa, and Liz including weekly, real time "office hours" where you can ask the experts your most pressing questions related to thyroid and immune health
  • Open line Q&A (twice a month on Facebook Live)
  • Exclusive seasonal recipes, many with video demonstrations
  • Monthly cooking class (Facebook Live)
  • Seasonal shopping lists and meal plans (quarterly)
  • A 15% discount on supplements through Fullscript, the safest source for practitioner-grade supplements
  • Access to various health and lifestyle handouts and guides from the Healthful Elements “resource library,” as applicable to Q&A and class topics
  • A copy of Jill’s Balance Your Blood Sugar and her Hypothyroidism and Adrenal Health, the Often Misunderstood Link eBooks (foundational to all of our hormones and our immune system!)

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t live in the U.S.—can I still participate?

Yes! You can participate from anywhere.

I don’t yet own your Essential Thyroid Cookbook. Can I still join?

Absolutely. While we do recommend that you have the cookbook so that you have a better feel for who we are and our nutrition philosophy, it’s not a requirement.

Once you join, you’ll receive a unique discount code for the cookbook available only for members of this group.

What is your nutrition philosophy?

We take a “food first” approach in everything we do. That said, nutrition isn’t a one-size-fits-all science and this is a no-judgment zone—anyone can benefit from our membership. Just like the recipes in our Essential Thyroid Cookbook, all of the additional recipes you’ll receive with this membership will be gluten- and dairy-free, many with Paleo, AIP, Elimination diet, and/or vegan adaptations. Additionally, we’ll do our best to advise you on making adaptations that fit your needs.

I have Graves’ disease; should I join?

Like Hashimoto’s (autoimmune hypothyroidism), Graves’ is also an autoimmune condition. In that respect, this group can be helpful from an immune support perspective. While we'll primarily focus on hypothyroidism/Hashimoto’s, if you have Graves’, you’ll still find support here because Liz is a Graves’ expert. Additionally, you’ll find support around blood sugar, adrenal health, and other hormonal and immune issues that can be helpful on your journey.

Will I receive a hard copy of any content?

No. All content is digital and you can access it anytime. You’re welcome to download and print anything you wish to.

Do you offer refunds?

Because this is a digital membership with downloadable content, and we want to protect the privacy of our members, we do not offer refunds. But you can cancel your membership at any time.

Can I share my membership with a friend?

We’re offering this membership and all of the content at an affordable price so that it’s easy for anyone to access. Please respect our work and our integrity (and yours) and do not share any of your membership materials with anyone.

What if I have questions before I sign up?

Please contact us.