Understanding Food Labeling

Hi, Jill here. Lisa and I are both passionate about food labeling – understanding labels is one of the most important ways to become an informed shopper. But know that the most healthful foods don’t come with labels!

Here are two short recordings of classes that I taught at the University of Minnesota’s College of LearningLife.

Understanding eco labeling

The glut of eco labels on food can breed confusion for many. These labels claim to be good for you and the environment, but how do you know if the products are delivering on their promises? How do you know when you’re being hoodwinked and when you can trust labels on food packaging? Is organic really the gold standard? Listen as I break it all down.

Understanding nutrition labeling

Labeling on our foods, including nutritional facts panels, ingredient lists, and front-of-pack seals and symbols, are intended to inform consumers, enabling us to make conscientious choices. Yet misunderstandings abound, particularly when consumers don’t know what labels mean, assume they mean something they don’t, or worse, if the label is misleading. Let me show you how to be a savvy shopper.