The Nutritional Springboard for The Essential Thyroid Cookbook

We spent weeks studying the most thyroid- and immune-supportive nutrients and the whole foods that are rich sources of those nutrients. This nitty gritty research helped us to ultimately determine what ingredients to highlight in our cookbook, making it intensely, undoubtedly thyroid- and immune-supportive.

This beautiful chart is the result of that research. You can find a full explanation of the method to our madness in the Our Springboard and Our Methodology chapters in our cookbook.

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Press kit

Here, you'll find our press release, as well as our portfolio of editorial and promotional content for The Essential Thyroid Cookbook.

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Our friends

We would like to showcase just some of our friends and supporters who are doing amazing work and improving the health and wellbeing of so many. We’re immeasurably grateful to them for helping us to bring this book to life and making it an instant best seller.

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Label-reading guides (audio)

We are passionate about food labeling – understanding labels is one of the most important ways to become an informed shopper. But know that the most healthful foods don’t come with labels!

Here are two short recordings of classes that Jill taught at the University of Minnesota’s College of LearningLife – Understanding Nutrition Labeling and Understanding Eco Labeling.

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Health Hinges

In 2015/2016, my wonderful colleague, Jill Carlson, created our Health Hinges series. The idea for this weekly, year-long series was inspired by our belief in not only that small hinges, do, in fact swing big doors, but also that it doesn’t take a bunch of hinges to swing those doors open.

She said, “Even if you took 6 of these 52 simple diet and lifestyle recommendations and made them habit, imagine what that would mean for your health!”

Here is the culmination of that series of posts in one document.

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