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Jill and Lisa blog about Hashimoto's, thyroid health, and their cookbook (as well as other hormone health topics) on their Healthful Elements website. Below are links to their most recent thyroid posts.

What Does Acid Have to Do With Alopecia?

Low hydrochloric acid is pretty chronic in the alopecia community. It has a far-reaching impact on our overall health—with two specific relationships that are also chronic for many experiencing hair loss.

Optimizing Thyroid Hormone Conversion

While optimizing thyroid hormones is a worthy effort, one missing piece of the conversation is often thyroid hormone conversion.

Alopecia as an Outlier

Alopecia is multi-factorial. And it’s an inside job. And in my experience, in the context of autoimmune conditions, there are two things that make alopecia an outlier.

Bromine and Your Thyroid

There’s a commonly-found endocrine disruptor that’s one of the biggest thyroid offenders—bromine. And when I say “commonly-found,” I do mean common.

Black Bean Sweet Potato Turkey Chili

Chili has always been a quick go-to one-pot meal and this chili is no exception. I varied it a bit from traditional chili by using organic ground turkey and gave it a rich, deep flavor with the smoked paprika and chipotle chili powder.

Why I’m Against Mandating Vaccines (Abridged)

How we’ve been misled about the “anti-vaxx” movement and why medical freedom matters…

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