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Jill and Lisa blog about Hashimoto's, thyroid health, and their cookbook (as well as other hormone health topics) on their Healthful Elements website. Below are links to their most recent thyroid posts.

The Year-Long Reversing Alopecia Roadmap

I’m doing some things differently with my alopecia group coaching program. And if you suffer from hair loss…of any pattern…I hope that you’ll consider taking this new journey with me.

Prolactin and Hair Loss

The hormones that are most commonly associated with hair loss are the androgens (DHEA, testosterone, and DHT) and thyroid (hypothyroidism). There are others that are equally important, like cortisol, and another is prolactin, which rarely gets the attention it deserves.

What is “Real” Vitamin A?

Vitamin A supplementation comes with risks, including toxicity that can cause alopecia. You won’t become toxic from Vitamin A in the diet, but it’s important to understand the difference between carotenoids and retinols, including how to convert into the bioactive form of Vitamin A.

Do You Need a Biopsy for Alopecia?

While we understand the desire for a label or “official” diagnosis, it makes me scratch my head (no pun intended) that providers offer scalp biopsies because while they claim that they’ll help to determine an “accurate diagnosis,” they rarely change their treatment plan based on the results.

My Personal Journey Beyond “Depression” and Hashimoto’s

I’ve traveled this complicated path of undiagnosed autoimmune hypothyroidism and depression that was, perhaps, misdiagnosed. And as I look back over the last 20 years through a different lens, I see that I identify with all of these underlying issues that led to the overly simplistic diagnosis of “depression.”

Depression: Is it Undiagnosed Autoimmune Hypothyroidism?

If you’re experiencing weight gain, sleep disturbance, brain fog, anxiety, exhaustion, forgetfulness, relationship issues, loss of libido, or lack of motivation, would it surprise you to know that these symptoms are present in both depression and hypothyroidism?

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