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Jill and Lisa blog about Hashimoto's, thyroid health, and their cookbook (as well as other hormone health topics) on their Healthful Elements website. Below are links to their most recent thyroid posts.

Your Thyroid and Hair NEED Iron

Low iron—and more specifically, low ferritin (iron storage protein)—is common in the hypothyroid / Hashimoto’s and also hair loss / alopecia communities. Let’s look at this root cause contributor, including issues people can have with absorption.

Exercising Safely and Effectively with a Thyroid Disorder

This is a fantastic post by our friend and colleague, Andrea Wool. Andrea is a personal trainer and Hashimoto’s warrior and now shares her message of strength and empowerment with women worldwide.

"Thyroid Skin" SOS

Cold, dry winter months can wreak havoc on skin health, especially if you have hypothyroidism. But with these simple strategies, I’ve seen “problem skin” resolve in a matter of a few days.

Keto + Hypo = A Good Combo?

There are many ways to lose weight without deprivation and restriction. But is a ketogenic diet recommended for those with Hashimoto’s?

Controversy: Gluten

In a recent interview, Lisa and I got taken to task by Dr. John Douillard about gluten and Hashimoto’s. He is the author of Eat Wheat, after all.

Health Coach Spotlight

Lisa and I are so grateful to these amazing health coaches who went above and beyond to help make The Essential Thyroid Cookbook a best seller in no less than five categories. They’re doing amazing work in the world and we can’t wait for you to know about them.

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