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Low Fiber: A Low-Carb Casualty

The importance of fiber in the diet is indisputable and has a profound impact on our digestive health and microbiome, our 100 trillion organism-strong “mini ecosystem.” Most Americans are fiber deficient—some experts in the functional medicine community claim that it’s the most clinically important dietary deficiency.

Hashimoto’s and Alopecia: 12 Reasons Low-Carb is a Bad Idea

For those with hypothyroidism, carbohydrates are critical. I’ve seen too many people crash and burn on a low-carb diet—and lose a ton of hair.

Quercetin for Hashimoto's and Alopecia?

Does quercetin slow thyroid function? Or does it support the thyroid? What about the hair growth claims? And does it work better than Zyrtec?

What's on Our Holiday Menu

Take a peek at what a seasoned culinary nutritionist and best selling cookbook author is serving this Christmas Eve.

Your Thyroid and Hair NEED Iron and Ferritin

Low iron—and more specifically, low ferritin (iron storage protein)—is common in the hypothyroid / Hashimoto’s and also hair loss / alopecia communities. Let’s look at this root cause contributor, including issues people can have with absorption.

The Year-Long Reversing Alopecia Roadmap

I’m doing some things differently with my alopecia group coaching program. And if you suffer from hair loss…of any pattern…I hope that you’ll consider taking this new journey with me.

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