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Jill and Lisa blog about Hashimoto's, thyroid health, and their cookbook (as well as other hormone health topics) on their Healthful Elements website. Below are links to their most recent thyroid posts.

Easy Whole Food Popsicles!

Here are two whole food popsicle recipes: Watermelon Blueberry Fruit Pops + Cherry Apricot Yogurt Pops. YUM!

Watermelon “Pizza” with Berries & Lemon Cashew Cream

This fresh and fruity dessert appeals to kids of all ages and is great to take to summertime cookouts, picnics, and parties.

Rainbow Slaw with Orange Balsamic Dressing

This vibrant salad brings all the fresh, crunchy, juicy, and bright flavors you want and all the colorful, disease-fighting antioxidants you need.

How to Stop “Energy Drains”

Many of the daily stressors we face come to us in for the form of “energy drains.” Here’s how to keep them from affecting you.

Peri/Menopause: It Doesn't Have to Suck

A widespread misconception about peri/menopause is that weight gain, hot flashes, night sweats, forgetfulness, and mood swings are normal. Just because they’re common doesn’t mean they’re normal.

Infertility: Is it Really "Unexplained?"

We don’t believe in the ill-fated concept of “unexplained infertility.” As Dr. Randine Lewis says, “…‘infertility’ is often a fallacy.”

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