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Below are links to Jill's thyroid health posts on her Healthful Elements website.

How to Optimize Thyroid Hormone Conversion

While optimizing thyroid hormone production is obviously necessary, one often missing and critical piece of the conversation is thyroid hormone conversion…converting “the lame duck” to “the big daddy.”

The Many Hidden Dangers of Fluoride

See, even the chemical symbol has a negative sign in it. Until the 1950s, fluoride was administered to those with hyperthyroidism to *suppress* thyroid function. But there are many other concerns around this toxic halogen.

Glutathione: Ultimate Immune Guardian

Glutathione is a powerful immune-boosting, cancer-fighting, autoimmunity-taming antioxidant that many experts are just coming around to fully understanding.

What is “Real” Vitamin A?

Vitamin A supplementation comes with risks, including toxicity that can cause alopecia. You won’t become toxic from Vitamin A in the diet, but it’s important to understand the difference between carotenoids and retinols, including how to convert into the bioactive form of Vitamin A.

The Curve That Isn't Flattening

My health coaching practice is changing and kind of not changing at the same time. I still have the same goal, which is serving vs. pleasing. Because any practitioner using outdated protocols for solutions to new problems is missing the mark by a country mile.

Autoimmunity: It's All ONE Disease...

Autoimmunity is one disease. When you turn your attention to the root of the imbalance—a hypervigilant, overactive immune system—any and all manifestations of autoimmunity can be addressed.

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