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Jill and Lisa blog about Hashimoto's, thyroid health, and their cookbook (as well as other hormone health topics) on their Healthful Elements website. Below are links to their most recent thyroid posts.

Me, Menopause??? My Work with Dr. Anna Garrett...

This post is part personal story, part exciting announcement. Dr. Anna was who I called on when I started “crossing over to the other side.” Now we work together as referral partners.

A Bibliography

My wonderful Reversing Alopecia Masterclass Series participants asked for a bibliography of my favorite wellness / hormone / autoimmunity books. I was thrilled to put this list together.

Autoimmunity: It's All ONE Disease...

Autoimmunity is one disease. When you turn your attention to the root of the imbalance—a hypervigilant, confused, immune system—any and all manifestations of autoimmunity can be addressed.

Diffuse Hair Loss: Could it be Alopecia Diffusa?

If you have diffuse thinning/all over scalp loss, it doesn’t mean you don’t have alopecia.

My Alopecia Story

I had no hair on 1/3 of my scalp for quite some time—and was losing more. Today, with no drug, hormone, or pharmaceutical use, I have a nearly full head of thick hair. And I plan to keep it all.

Easy Whole Food Popsicles!

Here are two whole food popsicle recipes: Watermelon Blueberry Fruit Pops + Cherry Apricot Yogurt Pops. YUM!

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